Charming Disaster

This Event has no scheduled dates at this time. It last occurred on Saturday, November 23, 2019.
Sou'Wester Lodge, Charming Disaster
Event Description: 
Goth-folk musical duo Charming Disaster, based in Brooklyn, NY, performs original storytelling songs inspired by love, death, true crime, ancient mythology, and the occult. Channeling the gothic humor of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the noir storytelling of Raymond Chandler, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, they explore dark narratives and characters with a playful sensibility, combining vocal harmonies and clever lyrics with ukulele, guitar, and virtuosic foot percussion.

Where is the event?

Sou'Wester Lodge (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

Sou'Wester Lodge

728 J Place
Seaview, WA
(360) 642-2542