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Location & Hours

Horseback riding on the Long Beach Peninsula’s continuous stretch of beach is bucket list worthy. The experience of riding a horse alongside breaking waves is nothing short of exhilarating, and you won’t soon forget the feeling. The Long Beach Horse Rides offers guided horseback rides for all ages and experience levels. Long Beach Horse Rides is open every day from May through September and by reservation from October through May.

Our most popular ride is a one hour guided ride which is $30.00 per horse, designed for all ages and experience levels. Our route takes you from 409 Sid Snyder Dr, through a dune trail in single file and then out on the beach. Once on the beach the horses spread out and ride side by side keeping 8-10 feet between horses, keeping in mind like people they have a personal bubble. 

Off-Season Hours: Mon-Thurs: Reservation only with a $200 minimum - weather permitting. Open Fri, Sat, Sun. - weather permitting.