Skookum Surf Co.

811 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, WA
(360) 358-7873

Miles of uncrowded sandy beach, ceaseless surf and warmer water make the Long Beach Peninsula a great place to surf and Skookum Surf Co. a great place to learn how to ‘Hang 10’ safely and quickly with your friends and family.

Skookum offers surf lessons, skimboard rentals and surf equipment rentals to make the most of your fun on the coast. The skilled instructors have fine-tuned their accelerated teaching techniques so that a single lesson with them equals surfing about a dozen times of teaching yourself.

Lessons include a soft-top surfboard and wetsuit. All you need is the ability to pick yourself up off the ground, a towel, swimsuit, sense of adventure and desire to learn. In addition to private instruction, large group and camp lessons are also available. The staff’s patience, friendliness and focus make the entire experience a fond memory for kids and adults alike.

If you’re already confident with your surfing savvy, but just need the gear, Skookum has a rad selection of boards and wetsuits for rent. You can also check out the Skookum Surf Cam for up-to-date conditions and where to catch the best waves to totally shred the gnar!