Rescheduled - Long Beach Mermaid Parade

City of Long Beach, Rescheduled - Long Beach Mermaid Parade
Event Description: 

First Annual Long Beach Mermaid Parade kicks off with a celebration of International Mermaid Day. This is an all-ages, family-friendly parade for mermaids, mermen, sea creatures, and landlubbers of all kinds. "Shellebrating" International Mermaid Day. Parade starts at 1pm, route is 1/2 mile. Bolstad Beach Approach to 5th / Oregon, vendors and fun 10-4 pm, Mermaid Sandcastle, and more!

When is the Event?: 
Saturday, October 3, 2020 - 12:00 am

Where is the event?

City of Long Beach (See address and directions on the rightbelow)

City of Long Beach

115 Bolstad Avenue W
Long Beach, WA
(360) 642-4421